Contour fonts

Fonts usually require a lot of by-hand digitization, but not always.

Satin joins and corners

An important part of digitizing fonts or outlined graphics is what happens when satins come together.

Digitizing outlined graphics

Turning chunky line art into embroidery is harder than it seems.

Making appliques with Ink/Stitch

Making an applique is a little less involved than making a full embroidery design.

Setting KAMsnaps

Setting plastic snaps seems pretty simple, but there are a few tricks to it.

Lettering name fobs

Lettering name fobs

Merging Designs with Ink/Stitch

It's pretty easy to merge designs with Ink/Stitch, even if you're not a regular Inkscape user.

Text on a Curve with Ink/Stitch

Ink/Stitch doesn't use TrueType fonts, except when it does.

Organizing Digital Patterns

Image organization software makes a good catalog of embroidery designs. Here's how I do it.

Satin Scaling with Ink/Stitch

Satins scale easily in Ink/Stitch, but only in the stitch-density direction. Luckily, it’s not hard to split a satin stitch into two parallel ones with the new Convert Satin to Stroke.

Using a 5×12 hoop on a 5×7 embroidery machine

Using a 5×12 hoop on a 5×7 embroidery machine

Converting a USB-drive embroidery machine to wifi

Converting a USB-drive embroidery machine to wifi

Digitizing with Ink/Stitch

Digitizing with Ink/Stitch

Color-sorting with Ink/Stitch

When you have a single-color embroidery machine, sometimes you want to make the most of your thread changes.