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  • You can never have too many scissors
    Or too much hand sanitizer, these days. My old sanitizer holder doesn’t fit 2oz bottles, so I decided to break out the DLB foldover sanitizer holder design and make myself one. I didn’t want to mess around with anything fancy so I didn’t put a design on it. And I wanted it to be sturdy […]
  • A what now
    It is axiomatic that every plushie/doll project goes through a moment where it looks like you’re sewing something else entirely. One of the shamrock bats definitely had this moment. It got better.
  • Then and now
    I have mentioned my patchwork multi-generation thread collection; I have finally started to run out of medium browns. A quick Internet search turned up that JP Coats 48A is “London Tan,” a color that’s still made by Coats & Clark. Not that I needed an exact match, but when buying online/curbside it’s nice to not […]