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  • Have a cookie
    Some days my ADHD is perfectly under control. Other days I get obsessed with making an embroidery pattern for an Oreo cookie because someone asked about using hot glue on minky. It turned out they were a newbie trying to figure out how to attach the layers of a sandwich cookie. And that’s a thing […]
  • Still in transit, still arriving late
    If you keep track of these things (which seems unlikely) you’ll have noticed I missed the Friday blog post; Carl’s mom had a health scare and I bundled him onto a plane. Fortunately it ended up being fine, and he got to have a relative nice Mother’s Day visit. So it was a relatively tiny […]
  • The new Ink/Stitch is here!
    Of course, it requires Inkscape 1.0 and I’ve been on 0.92 because there’s been a bug for months that keeps the AppImage from running on Debian, the ppa they list for Ubuntu does not get along with Debian, and I categorically refuse to install another package manager so I’m not trying the Flatpak version (though […]