Blog Entries

Working around Ink/Stitch

Sneaky ways to get more out of Ink/Stitch.

Freebie Friday: Pawpad Keychain

The toe bean keychain freebie is out of early-access, and the plush mantis and pig are available on Ko-Fi.

Buying a sewing machine

I get asked “What sewing machine should I buy?” a lot, so I’m going to compile all my recommendations in one place.

Hexie testing

I have way too many unfinished projects right now.

A Carolina mantis ate my brain

In which Karen hares off on yet another project: an in-the-hoop Carolina mantis.

Big paws

I finally did get to make a larger canine pawpad, and now I'm going to make a matching one with step-by-step pictures and then the samples and design will both...