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  • Purple dragonborn paladin
    I’ve been a little radio-silent for the last week for a couple reasons, and this is one of them. I have wanted to make one of Choly Knight’s anthro dragons for some time, and I decided to make one for my husband for Father’s Day. And so I did. It needs some better photography; the […]
  • Golden Pernese dragon
    I promised I was going to start working on larger dragons (and other things) and indeed I have. One of the Mystery Bundles has arrived at its destination so I can reveal at least one of its contents: a Choly Knight neck dragon with in a Pernese style. It has wired wings and body, and […]
  • Dropped a drop
    While the scheduled shop drops have mostly kept me on track, they obviously haven’t entirely done it, and if you’ve been keeping track this past Saturday should have been a drop and… it wasn’t. I’m going to go ahead and list the mystique dragons when they’re finished rather than wait for a drop since they’re […]