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  • Happy New Jersey Day!
    If you’ve been using Feedburner to get posts by mail, this will be the last one. You can subscribe by mail on this site’s home page. New Jersey Day was yesterday, but close enough. I honored it early by carrying my pork-roll purse on the trip, inside the backpack that’s my carry-on. Now that I […]
  • On the ground in PHL
    When they say “In the unlikely event of a water landing, your seat cushion becomes a flotation device,” everybody laughs… but the Philadelphia airport is on a former island and the parts that got filled in to join it to the mainland are not off the ends of the runway. It always looks like it’s […]
  • I’ll be right back
    Just gonna check out the other side of this door real quick. (Not gonna make a shop drop this Saturday; more details in a week or so. Nothing too serious, just a confluence of several smaller delays.)