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Kind of a big dill, again

Whoops, I forgot the February freebie!

The Gnomie

The Gnomies have been unleashed!

Cleared to close!

We received approval from the bank to close on the house today!

Tie dye dragons

Naturally, tie-dye dragons are also happening.

Mushroom farming

I suddenly realized what I needed to do with the tiny tie-dye fabric.

Kind of a big dill

This pickle is kind of a big dill, and so is some news.

Twelve days

Because I'm pedantic, I'm doing twelve freebies.

Jingle bells!

Merry Christmas! I've dropped a freebie into the Ko-Fi shop.

Embroidering on beanie/knit cap/toque brims

There sure are a lot of different names for those things.

Early shark (doo doo, doo-doo doo-doo)

The probably-last design with a 2022 copyright date is out.

Free fries!

Okay, not actually fries: fry-carton designs.

Holiday baking

Free cookies!

A swift little snap tab project

Some family members got very lucky with concert tickets.

It takes one to snow one

The 3d snowman design is out!

Old year, new year

It's ornament-embroidery time. Here's a little design to help out.

Friday Freebie - Scaled Egg Charm

Still up to my eyeballs in chaos, but the freebies must roll.

November lookahead

I've got quite a bit of prototyping in progress; that always goes faster than the actual instructions-writing part.

Kawaii fries and satin tutes

A very normal combination this week.

Another digitization tutorial

Turning chunky line art into embroidery is harder than it seems. I wrote about it.

Revised mushrooms

I've revised the Kawaii Toadstool design just slightly, bringing it in line with the similar designs.

Happy little sunflowers (and eggs)

The Kawaii Sunflower design is released!

The jumping spider is back!

I have modernized the very first free tutorial I made, the In-the-Hoop Jumping Spider plushie.

Pumpkin carving in embroidery and vinyl

Here's how to make your own jack-o-lantern faces for embroidery or cutting machines.

Square pumpkins!

Here's a free bonus from the In-the-Hoop Pumpkin development.

Even plushies need plushies

It's the second Friday of the month, so it's time for a free in-the-hoop plushie design!

Chunky lettering with contour fill

Most computer fonts don't convert instantly to embroidery. But some do.

Tentacle puppy! Sea friend!

The in-the-hoop realistic octopus is finally done(ish)

Bluenesia alphabet!

It has been a little while since I digitized an alphabet.

Dragon snap straps

A recent trend in ITH notebook covers has been a decorative snap strap closure, so here is an add-on to the MCB Cover.

Pretty kawaii for a fungi

This Friday Freebie is a cute little toadstool person.

The pugs are unleashed

After only, uh, three years, the in-the-hoop pug design is available.

Ink/Stitch 2.2.0 is out!

The new version of Ink/Stitch has a lot of new fonts, including a couple of mine.

Friday Frog Freebie

Freebie Frog Friday. Frog Friday Freebie. Friday Freebie Frog.

Square snap tab blanks

Today's freebie is a 20mm square snap tab compatible with the octagonal ones.

Frog day!

The tree frog design is now in the on-site shop and the Ko-Fi shop.

The cases are in!

The cases for the tiny wifi devices have arrived, and they're very pretty.

Happy Juneteenth National Independence Day

There are a lot of tricolor flag emojis - but the ones most appropriate for June aren't official emoji.

Mylar tablecloth embroidery

I'm dollar-store crafting again, this time with sparkly Mylars.

Embroidery design wrangling

Good file management practices are essential especially as your embroidery design collection grows.

Text on a Curve

Ink/Stitch doesn't use TrueType fonts, except when it does.

Working around Ink/Stitch

Sneaky ways to get more out of Ink/Stitch.

Freebie Friday: Pawpad Keychain

The toe bean keychain freebie is out of early-access, and the plush mantis and pig are available on Ko-Fi.

Big paws

I finally did get to make a larger canine pawpad, and now I'm going to make a matching one with step-by-step pictures and then the samples and design will both...

Jet tags and quarter keepers

The Friday Freebies today are an update to the snap tab blanks, and some basic novelty fobs.

Organizing digital patterns

Image organization software makes a good catalog of embroidery designs. Here's how I do it.

Freebie Friday: A stash-busting kitty

The Stash Kitty is a companion to last month's Trash Panda, another single-piece in-the-hoop plushie. They're both little stash-busters, but Kitty doesn't even need...

A field of sunflowers

A double freebie today: sunflowers, and snap tab blanks to put them (or anything else) on...

Friday Freebie: Vax card window

I have family who's going to Europe this year, so I've been making passport covers with vax card windows in them...

Snap tab goofs

My husband usually makes a point of not getting involved with the business but lately has been talking about getting me a tabletop clicker press to die-cut the tabs...

Friday Freebie: Pre-quilting with an embroidery machine

I got sidetracked making designs for pre-quilted fabric rectangles with your embroidery machine. They're good to use with zipper pouches, notebook covers, pot-holders, etc...

Dollar Tree crafting

This week was supposed to be finalization of the In-The-Hoop Flopsie Pug design, but instead I happened to pick up a napkin holder at Dollar Tree and got thoroughly caught...

Friday Freebie: Trash Panda

Today's freebie is the Trash Panda, a single-piece in-the-hoop raccoon plushie design...

Wifi embroidery machines again

I pushed the latest release candidate for the wifi USB-stick emulator out to Gitlab, and fixed some of the formatting on the how-to...

Making kawaii faces

I always have quite a few projects going at any given time, and I'm back around to the Kawaii Plushie Faces one. The first four are done, lacking only the...

The in-the-hoop dragon

The in-the-hoop dragon design has been released! It's a big package: lots of variations, lots of hoop sizes, and the SVG source so you can resize it yourself!