Christmas baking

After making the gingerbread dragons I had a sudden realization that I could have just taken the heavy-outline dragon I already had, drop the fill and change the colors, add a “dieline” in Ink/Stitch, and boom, gingerbread dragon.

Also gingerbread unicorn, Cthulhu, griffin, kitsune, and upcoming gingerbread phoenix, Krampus, yeti, and pegasus, but I ran out of matching ribbon.

The kitsune is from a different set and I regret not changing it to have the same dot eyes. I’m going to change the phoenix eyes before I stitch those out; the rest are from the Too Cute set and already have dot eyes. (I’m hoping Urban Threads was just shooting for “😊” type eyes but I’m finding it a little disturbing that it’s all the Asian-themed designs that have them.)

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