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In-the-hoop Dino Nugget Charms

In-the-hoop Dino Nugget Charms

This is a plushie design, made "in the hoop" on an embroidery machine. It produces an assortment of dinosaur-shaped charms or plushies that you can keep, gift, or sell.

All the charms can be made in a 4x4 or larger hoop, and finish out at a little under 4" long at the largest. Each has an optional eye, which stitches on only one side.

The only hand-sewing is ladder-stitching the charm closed.

The files come in all the formats Ink/Stitch can produce, along with the SVG source file that you can edit or resize in Inkscape+Ink/Stitch. There is a step-by-step PDF that includes full instructions, including a picture of every stitch color step. and multiple pictures of trimming and turning.

You can make plushies to sell, and I highly encourage it.