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Monster remix

Sat, 08 Jun 2024

Awhile back I made the Monster Mix design, a design where you could mix and match different body/face/embellishments to get all different weird little guys. There are 56 stitch "colors" in the file and you just skip the ones that aren't your actual critter. I had included six or seven pre-generated stitch files with no skipping needed, and I thought to myself, "Self, you should use your design generator to pre-gen all the possibilities."

I marked all the options (eleven sets!) and turned the design generator loose on Thursday night. Yesterday I went to the shore to get my vitamin sea supplement, and last night when I got back I checked and wow, 21K different combinations! I paged through the pictures this morning to see if I'd missed any filters (you can't do the applique face on the eyestalks head, for example), and went "wait, 34K different combinations?" and realized: the generator is STILL GOING.

But wait, there's more: pending getting the filters just right, I had set it to do only one size out of five. Multiply that by the number of files for each embroidery format (ten? eleven? I forget now) and that's going to be an enormous archive file. 😬

Maybe the skip-colors option isn't so bad. (It's very easy to hide the layers in Ink/Stitch and make your own no-skip file, too.)

Anyway, I'm back to work after my day of hooky so all the designs (with new-light-box pictures!) will be dropping this weekend.

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