Back to the charms

Back to the charms

Somehow I forgot I hadn't released the turtle charm. The move kind of interrupted everything, and somehow in my head I became convinced that these were finished. In fact it was just that I had decided I was done making them the monthly Ko-Fi tier reward because I wasn't sure anyone liked them that much.

Turns out I was wrong.

I had promised, on the Ko-Fi Calendar, a happy little bearded dragon as the very last kawaii critter. Except it just hasn't come together quite right for me - beardies have peculiar-shaped heads, and I'm just not satisfied with it. So after getting multiple requests for the turtle, I revised my plans. The beardie will still happen, but it will either be next month's design or it will be a regular for-sale pattern, we'll see.

Bearded dragon test, with the turtles

Now that the first instructions are written up, the rest should go a little more quickly - though it's still the photography that takes the most time.

You can buy them on Gumroad without the membership, but the membership is a much better deal.