Ko-Fi Calendar

Ko-Fi Calendar

There are currently two tiers in my Ko-Fi membership: the $1/month tier gets early access to the monthly freebie plus a 20% discount on all digitial purchases through the Ko-Fi shop, the $5 tier gets that plus at least one free design a month, and the $15 tier gets all that plus one advanced design. Regular designs remain free for three months, so when you join at the $5 level you get access to at least six designs (of which two of the smaller ones are free to everyone). Advanced designs are a one-month-only deal.

Regular designs always have at least one option compatible with 4x4 hoops (the Blue Shark, for instance, had two sizes that fit in the 4x4 hoop, and four more for larger hoops). Advanced designs sometimes make this impossible, but I'll warn you in advance if that's going to happen and you can skip or reduce your subscription that month.

The advanced-design tier isn't available yet - it should launch in April, but the impending move may result in that getting pushed to May.

Freebies drop by the second Friday of the month, advanced designs drop by the third Friday, and regular designs drop by the fourth Friday. 20230328

Month Freebie Regular Design Advanced Design
October 2022 Scaled Egg Kawaii Fries
November 2022 Gingerbread Charm 3d Snowfriend
December 2022 Toadstool Charm Blue Shark thru 2023/03/24
January 2023 Big Dill thru 2023/04/14 Minimalist Dragon thru 2023/04/28
February 2023 Kawaii Hearts thru 2023/05/12 Gnomie thru 2023/05/26
March 2023 Kawaii Seal Charm thru 2023/06/09 Bunny and Hamster 3d Charm thru 2023/06/08
April 2023 Kawaii Elephant Charm coming 2023-04-14 Flopsy Elephant coming 2023-04-28 Jointed Elephant coming 2023-04-21?

Ko-Fi doesn't automatically put these in your account, it only gives you access to them. Be sure to download them when you have access! (But if you miss it the window don't panic, just let me know and I'll catch you up.)