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I didn’t want to make too much of a fuss about it because the house was sitting empty this trip, but we spent last week in Wichita for Carl’s mom’s funeral. Right before it, I got a request for 45(!) tiny dragons. That was not doable even without a trip in the middle (I’m coming to terms with the reality of arthritis these days), but I offered 15 as a compromise number. TSA didn’t make a fuss about me taking my sewing kit as carry-on, and I managed to make it home without my “pruning shears” being confiscated.

I thought I left some wiggle room but it really did end up coming right down to the night before the agreed-upon ship date. I still have a lot of partially-finished dragons I need to get finished for Christmas sales, but this made a sizeable dent in them. Now I just need to carry that “getting unfinished projects wrapped up efficiently” energy forward through the Christmas retail season…