In-the-hoop sanitizer holder

In-the-hoop sanitizer holder

As I mentioned in the vacation-mode post, I’ve made some hand sanitizer holders. Seems a little silly with nothing to put in them, but I guess not that different from mailing mini composition book covers for people to fill themselves. At any rate, I think I have the design nailed down.

It’s almost like making a snap tab, with one exception: instead of snapping to itself, the tab snaps to the sanitizer pocket. The outline happens in two parts: one is the usual “attach a piece of vinyl to the back of the hoop” outline. The second is the pocket sides, which I’m about to do here:

The (filthy, I just noticed; spray adhesive is the devil) hoop is face down in that picture. I’m about to attach a second piece of vinyl to the hoop back, a little ways below the end of the upper stitching. That happens right before the last stitch color. (Yes, a video would be clearer, but first I have to clean all the hoops and everything else.)

As you may know, I don’t like cutting curves by hand, so everything but the rounded corners is a straight cut on these. After I cut these, I realized I should have used an X-Acto knife to cut the bottom opening because it’s too easy to take chunks out of the squishy JoAnn vinyl. The corners round nicely with the 1/4″ side of my corner chomper📦 or, if you don’t have one, can just be cut at a 45-degree angle.

As usual, the ZIP file contains the source SVG, with a layer for you to put a design on, or you can just use colored or fancy vinyl.

[Small ITH Hand Sanitizer (ZIP)] These will hold a 1oz Bath & Body Works or Dollar Tree type, if you can ever find either of them again. The half-ounce bottle kind of works but is at risk of falling out of the opening, which you wouldn’t want to happen with something this precious.