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Love Bug Rainbow Square Tab

Love Bug Rainbow Square Tab

The front of this snap tab features the stripes and 53 "gumball" of Herbie the Love Bug, the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with a mind and heart of its own.

Herbie's usual stripes are replaced with a rainbow on this version - LGBTQ+ folks are at elevated risk of dying by suicide.

Gabe's Herbie the Love Bug replica, which he drives all over the East Coast, spreads a message of mental health and suicide awareness. Herbie's rear window features a suicide hotline message, and every third or fourth post on his Instagram account @lovebugtrumpshate is mental health or suicide prevention/awareness related.

The back of the fob is printed vinyl echoing Herbie's updated rear-window message. If you'd like the older, 1-800, version, those are available in the shop as well.

The full purchase price of every item in this collection goes to Gabe to put gas in Herbie's tank.

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