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Twelve Designs of Christmas 2022

Twelve Designs of Christmas 2022

Marketing folks and McKenzie brothers aside, the "twelve days of Christmas" are from Christmas Day through Epiphany (December 25 through January 5 or December 26 through January 6, depending on your tradition).

I'm going to add a little design to this freebie every day, if things work out. (Update: they didn't!)

Day 1: Faceted Heart

Day 2: Fu ("Good Luck") Character

Day 3: Getting Older

Day 4: Rainbow

Day 5: Welcome to our Home

Day 6: Saddle Fobs

Each one will be a basic Ink/Stitch ZIP file: an archive containing the source SVG and all the stitch formats Ink/Stitch can produce - no instructions apart from the thread list.

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