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"2022" and "2023" in Six Styles

Ink/Stitch has all kinds of built-in lettering, so if you're using that you don't need this at all. But despite my urging, not everybody runs it.

So if you don't, here are some pre-made year stitches for both 2022 and 2023. You can embroider the year on the backing piece of minky or felt for my gingerbread charm, embroider it on a quilt piece that you'll finish this year (or next), etc.

The file includes twelve different archives inside it: each year in six different alphabets. Possibly I'm biased: three of the six I chose are my own (Bluenesia, DinoMouse, and NickAinley). The square in the sampler is an inch a side. They're all in the smallest version of their alphabet, so if you need larger ones Ink/Stitch can very easily do them.

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