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Red White and Blue Sno-Cone (B Grade) - Valet Tray

Red White and Blue Sno-Cone (B Grade) - Valet Tray

This valet tray features a cute stacked sno-cone design. White vinyl has a different texture from other colors, and led to a little rougher embroidery here - more white shows through than I'm happy with, so I'm discounting this tray.

Note that this is a more affordable version of my lay-flat dice trays, and the corners are permanently riveted.

It is made from durable marine vinyl, sometimes called "vegan leather". It's a tough material that will stand up to sunlight, will shed water, and can be wiped clean of almost anything.

The inside base of the tray is slightly larger than 3" x 5".

Keys and other props are for scale only; you are buying one tray.

11.99 on Etsy

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