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Possum Dragon Family

Print-on-demand fabric is a powerful tool in custom plushie making. Not all of us wield that power wisely.

Look, this idea got in my brain and I couldn't get it out until I had made it happen, never mind that my dragons are a significant investment of my time and thus my customers' dollars and I shouldn't do probably-unsellable things like this.

Anyway, here's the usual spiel. These dragons are a set of four, and are made from fabric specifically printed for my dragon patterns. It's not airbrushed - the fabric is printed this way at the factory. It's slightly shorter than the usual Shannon solids I use, but like other digital prints the under-fur is white and will show slightly at the seams.

They are made from a pattern I created myself. The eyes are pressed glass beads and the nostrils are glass seed beads. They are assembled with a combination of hand- and machine-sewing, and stand on their own with no wires or props. the wings have embroidered "fingers" on the upper surface. They are unwired but will hold their position to a limited degree.

The parent dragon is around four inches tall to the tips of its horns, with a wingspan of almost six inches, while each baby is around three inches tall to the tip of its nose, with a wingspan of about four inches.

Despite their toy-like appearance, these are adult collectibles with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Made in a smoke-free but cat-occupied home from an original Silver Seams pattern. The seltzer can and non-possum dragons are just for scale/comparison and not included in this listing. Any cat hair is also not included but will probably be sent to you despite my best efforts. You are buying four dragons.

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