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Made To Order Dragon - Micro Plushie

Made To Order Dragon - Micro Plushie

I've focused more on publishing design than on working in the dragon mines, so I don't keep many colors in stock. To make up for it, here's a listing for any color of Shannon Cuddle 3 dragon. If I've done it right, the price will be the same as the other listings... it just takes a little longer to ship.

If you're not familiar with my dragons, here's the scoop: the original dragon design is a little over 4" tall, with backswept wings. It needed a smaller size so I made the "baby" style, which looks up and is a little chunkier. In the original 3" size, it pairs just right with the 4" adult - you can see that in Mango and Snow in the pictures. In the 4" size (shown in silver speckle mochi, available here ), it's large enough to use the same eyes as the 4" adult.

You can pick pretty much any color of Shannon Cuddle 3 Solid minky fabric: If it's a color I have had before, I probably have a partially-finished dragon already and it'll ship within a couple days. If I have to order it, that can take a week or more - if I have something that's close, I'll let you know and you can decide whether to wait. I also have a couple of discontinued colors, so if you've seen it on one of my dragons before, I probably still have some.

The 3" adult design doesn't work in regular minky because the tail is too narrow to turn. It does work in mochi, a short-pile minky with spandex for additional stretch. The colors are very limited though, so you probably want to check availability before ordering. (But I'll happily refund this - or a minky order - if I can't get the right color, of course.)

The eyes are pressed glass beads and its nostrils are tiny glass seed beads. By default I'll pick a "backlit" (clear with an iridescent backing) whose predominant color goes well with the minky, but if you have a different preference let me know. I have a few more colors than are pictured in the size for 4" dragons; 3" ones are slightly more limited.

The wings have embroidered "fingers" on the upper surface. They are unwired but will hold their position to a limited degree. The adult has backswept wings, the babies have forward-swept wings, but I can switch those out if you prefer.

Despite its toy-like appearance, this is an adult collectible with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Made in a smoke-free but cat-occupied home from an original Silver Seams pattern. The book, coin, and seltzer are just for scale and not included in this listing. The cat hair is also not included but will probably be sent to you despite my best efforts. You are buying one dragon.

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