Friday Freebie: Vax card window

Friday Freebie: Vax card window

I have family who’s going to Europe this year, so I’ve been making passport covers with vax card windows in them.

The card window is pretty straightforward - the hardest part is fitting it into the passport cover, since the card is nearly the size of the passport book.

Vax card window closeup

The instructions are fairly brief, but are a black-and-white version of the type I make for paid designs. The ITH dragon is almost 40 pages, the pug will come close to that. And yes, I really am working on getting the pug published.

Vax card instruction thumbnail

Vaccination cards are also the size of double-height business cards, so hopefully someday soon I’ll get to change the name of the design.

[Vax Card Window]

The Ko-Fi supporters at the $5 level get the belated March design today: the coin-slot quarter keeper snap tab. That’s not an early-access, they just get a shop design for free. If you join now you’ll get the March design and the April design. (Yes, even if you only sign up for one month and I’m late again, I’ll still make sure you get the link.)

Quarter keeper that looks like an arcade coin slot

Toss a coin to your stitcher! (Ko-Fi)