Silver Seams
A terrible picture of a spectrum dragon wing on a scarred cutting mat.

This will fix me

Mon, 03 Jun 2024

I finally broke down and ordered a new, mini light box. It arrives later today, so while I was hoping to have the rewards drop today I am instead going to hold off and take all the process pictures in it.

I'm hoping the tiny box will cut down on the current frustration, which is that I don't have space for the cutting mat and light box up at the same time. I realized I have way too many ready-to-go-except things, and once something gets set aside "until I have time to take pictures" it never gets picked up again. Things that has happened to (an incomplete list!): the chihuahua, the hawk moth, the rosy maple moth, the emoji seal, the emoji turtle, the emoji frog, the "unibody" dragon, the non-baby dragons (unibody and jointed)... whew.

The May rewards ended up being a scattershot set of smaller items instead of one big design, and I think I might do that now and then, unless folks object. It goofs up the calendar (which assumes at most two designs per category per month) but that's okay, it's getting replaced in the next blog version anyway. And I haven't made a local entry for a couple of designs, I also realize, so it's behind as well as mis-formatted.

wanders off to work on the blog and check the porch for deliveries

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