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The laws of thermodynamics

Mon, 17 Jun 2024

This week is a lesson in patience.

I paused the emoji production to wrap up the Rosy Maple Moth for the Kofi/Patreon reward and discovered that the last set of moths (the BeeZeeArt ones) were still haunting me. Without going into too much medical detail: I'm waiting on X-rays, and in the meantime anything that involves using both hands to pinch or squeeze things is problematic. And of course doing stumpwork legs for the Moth instructions involve that. (Sure, I could leave that option out, but at this point I have too much sunk cost into it.)

The frustrating thing is that the X-ray is only the admission ticket to see the doctor that is actually going to tell me what the problem is and if it can be fixed, and it has been five days since the "you'll get the results tomorrow" X-ray.

At least my members have been understanding, and I'm getting the last pictures taken and the end is in sight.

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