Silver Seams
A light box full of plush and vinyl moth bits.

The aftermoth, you might say

Wed, 19 Jun 2024

The Rosy Maple Moth is out, barely. I usually have a batch of finished moths at this point, as part of promoting the design, but this time I just got as far as the testing and instruction pictures required. Even the two "finished" moths from the pictures were really just strategically dry-fit. Sure, I could have easily glued the all-plaque one, but I kind of want to wire its wings so I can demonstrate the poseability of even the flat moth. And wiring, which requires pinching with both hands, is something I am doing very limited, paced amounts of.

Today is one week since my X-ray, still no results. It's one of the biggest networks in the area and they are that far behind; apparently I should have gone to a specifically-radiology place? Anyway, in the meantime I'm still steadily working on things, just pacing myself (and getting my spouse to lift boxes for me, since gripping heavy objects seems to also be a no-no). I have a couple more emojis (🐸 and 🐒, if I can get the latter to not be terrifying) and the hawk moth which I am VERY excited about and which won't require nearly the effort of the rosy maple since it can use almost exactly the same instructions, and I have three moths-in-progress from pattern development to use.

But first I have some cleanup because I always make a mess at crunch time and the aftermath of a big design is not pretty.

(Also: Happy Juneteenth! I've updated the freebie Flag Emoji package and added it to Patreon as well as Ko-Fi. The three-stripe version is great for the pan-African flag, though it's got stripes all the way up to eight, and now it has a variety of snap tab and feltie shapes in addition to the bare emoji. Updating older files is probably a good rest-the-thumb activity; I should do more of that.)

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