Silver Seams
The small light box, overcrowded with a range of sizes of plush frogs.


Wed, 26 Jun 2024

I've been reluctant to do it because I don't care for the sound of my own voice ("I have the face for radio, definitely not the voice" is how I usually put it) but I feel like having a basic how-to video for the 3D embroideries is going to really help.

So that's my goal for July, and here's the design I'm going to do it with. You may recall back in October '22, I made a zillion little Kawaii Toadstool guys and a bunch of little frogs and that was my Halloween handout for the year. Well, the frogs (inspired by the boigameista Tumblr frog) ended up inspiring the Minimalist Dragon but never made it into a design of their own. And now they're going to.

If you haven't downloaded the Chibi Orca, the former 3d-demonstration freebie, do that now: it's going to get a revision and will turn into a paid design because the frog (with less finicky matching and applique) is much more beginner-friendly for a freebie. (Downloading it now means it's in your library and you'll be able to download the updated version when it comes out.)

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