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Mon, 06 May 2024

I have moved the desktop computer from the finished attic to the basement, and the embroidery machine off the dining table. And when I say "dining table" I don't mean we have a kitchen table we eat at, I mean I keep schlepping it to and from the living room floor. It's not ideal.

Besides the imminent return of warm weather, I was moved to do that today because my desk blocks one of the access doors into the kneewall area, which we need to open because a squirrel has gotten in and can't figure out how to get out. It's spent the day going from the kneewall area on one side, scrambled up the sloped ceiling into the cockloft, scrabbled around the wall above the bathtub, slid down the sloped ceiling on the other side into the kneewall there, and has been skittering around on the ceiling of the kids' room. And that's the space with the half-height door into it, formerly blocked by my little desk.

It's been quiet, so it may have found its way out (or made a new way). If not, well, now we can open that door, pop the screen out of the dormer window, and hope for the best.

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