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Wed, 15 May 2024

I am shaving so many yaks these days. I want to bring the updated blog software online, but that will get rid of all of the direct-download links, which means I want to have the file requester up and running, which means a whole lot of coding, and testing. I'm tempted to just let the links break for the time being, because it's really neat to be able to preview all of the sizes and stitch counts within a design right on the design's page.

It's nice that the preview cut off where it did because the email format is so broken past that point. Not that it's great above it, with the placeholder logo bit. I'm not messing too much with it because I'm going to commission DoGood Design (a friend of mine from Wichita) to do actual grown-up biz graphics, and finally retire the hand-sewn Bevan S logo. I thiiiiiiiink I'm keeping the biz name, though "seams" isn't the best descriptor anymore.

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