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May 2024 Rewards

Mon, 13 May 2024

The (first of the) May 2024 rewards are out. I have more, fancier moths on the way too!

For the Early-Access folks, I have the Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) - now, normally I avoid fandom stuff both because of legalities and also because not everybody is in every fandom. But the sprites are such cute little things that I think you can enjoy them even if you haven't seen Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro. (You really should see them though, they're delightful. Especially Totoro.) The fluffy one is made from a faux-fur hat bobble.

Faux monstera shop entry image

And for the Free-Design folks, I have the Faux Monstera - a plant that grows coasters!

Now I'm off to do more process photographs for the Hawk Moth, but here's an antenna-less preview.

Hawk moth preview, without antennae

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