Silver Seams
A kawaii plush crab


Fri, 03 May 2024

This winter, I moved my desktop computer from the basement, which stays

in the low 60's in the winter, to our bedroom in the finished attic.

Figured I'd move back in the spring, since the attic heats up

significantly during the day. What I didn't expect was for there to be

only a 48-hour window between the two extremes. I also have reached A

Certain Age where I no longer have any heat tolerance at all, and it's

surprisingly stressful.

Anyway, I dropped the almost-last of the April designs despite the

heat, though I still have at least one more to sneak in there

belatedly. They're in Ko-Fi and Patreon though I'm still working on

building the local page; I just set one up for the crab and the Star

Wars Day freebie so follow those links to Ko-Fi or Patreon and check

the shop entries from there for now.

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