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Bad at blogging lately

Fri, 24 May 2024

I've really been falling behind on blogging, despite having some progress to share. In case you missed it, the Soot Sprites, Faux Monstera, Bee Emoji, and Just Peach have all dropped for the Patreon/Ko-Fi folks (clearly I'm doing "many small designs" for the Free Design Tier right now). Patreon will let you buy stuff immediately, though Ko-Fi will make you wait - a month for the Soot Sprites (at which point they'll be free though), and three for everything else. And that means last month's Round Dragon is free for now.

You may notice that the bee emoji I used isn't the usual Twemoji; I've been wandering around in the also-open-licensed Noto emoji* because sometimes they're a little cuter. Since the Bee pack got started as a "what can I put with this cute new Ink/Stitch font" project, cuter was key. If you want more digitized Noto emoji, one of the Ink/Stitchers pointed me to this emoji digitization project which uses that set.

Anyway, the reason I haven't blogged all this stuff, and the in-progress stuff in the header pic, before now is that every time I sit down to do so I get distracted by "oh, I wish I could do this in the newer version of the blog software" and then I wander off into Perl and forget to come back and write anything for the blog itself. So if I don't write anything, you're on your own to come back and check for the Noto seal, turtle, and frog. And maybe the monkey, if I can make it not-terrifying (maybe I should have warned you before that Instagram link, which includes it).

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