Silver Seams
TechCrunch article about Facebook adding AI.

Making the call

Fri, 19 Apr 2024

I'm making the call: Facebook isn't worth it. Neither is Instagram. Nor Threads.

It's gotten less and less useful to me, and now they're going to make me compete with AI for traffic. Nope.

Spouse and I are going to do what I'm seeing more and more crafty folks do: vend at in-person events. I'm officially extending the do-or-die deadline to the end of the year (or at least to the end of the show season). My social media time will instead be spent building up inventory. Blogging will continue as normal, it helps me focus my thoughts and hey, I won't have anywhere else to show the progress on a market booth/trailer and things like that.

It'll most likely increase the number of charm designs I release, because I'll be spending more time producing physical objects. The larger designs are still problematic because of their more intense instruction requirements (which is why the chihuahua is behind schedule).

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