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Mon, 22 Apr 2024

I should learn not to say a design is practically finished until it's all the way finished. Still working on the tutorial/pictures for the chihuahua, and the hand sewing part is getting to me. Part of deciding what to produce for in-person sales will definitely be "choosing things that are easiest on my hands." And they're not even bad right now, it's just that the idea of doing it is hard.

In the meantime, I've been working away at what I should stop calling the "blog software," because it's the shop side of things now. Very shortly the designs will start showing all the details: stitch counts, exact dimensions, color counts, and so forth. And I've been importing all the shop data so it will know who has bought which designs, and on which platform. Soon there will be an email address you can query and it will mail you a list of all the designs you've bought, with their last-updated date so you know you have the most current version. For sites like Etsy that still, to my knowledge, refuse to allow the seller to put up a more current version of the files (or even add supplementary ones), you'll be able to email it and it will send you a temporary link so you can download the newest version.

Anyway, I realized today is Earth Day, so I have added the Go Planet design on Patreon so you can download it there as well. It's pay-what-you-want on Ko-Fi but, as always, if "what you want" is zero that is just fine. Patreon has "free memberships" now, though I don't even think you need that to get the download. (Sign up for it anyway though, it's free!)

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