Spiderwebs and waffles

Spiderwebs and waffles

Spiderwebs and fish waffles, to be exact. A very normal combination.

At any rate, it's a second-Friday so that means last month's design, the Taiyaki Charm, is free-for-everyone. It joins the Bubble Tea Charm, while the Spiderweb Charm goes early-access for all tier members.

You may have noticed, or not, that the Ko-Fi tiers have limited membership slots. That's because I'm reluctantly raising the prices on the tiers. Not as high as Patreon will be, because the fees are still lower, but more in line with what other designers are charging. The existing memberships won't change as long as anyone has a membership there, they'll just get described as "(Legacy)". You'll keep getting the same benefits as the non-legacy version of the tier, don't worry. I just won't be accepting new members at the lower rate. There are still openings at the current rate, and I haven't created the new versions of the tiers yet, but once I update the graphics that'll happen.

I have an absolutely absurd queue of things to test on the embroidery machine right now. I've been spending a bunch of time redesigning the website, so it's been backing up. And I know, it seems like "again, Karen?" but this time it's just ("just," ha) the template, which I didn't really change when I changed software, other than to keep removing all the features that didn't translate. That's led to a rather primitive-looking website, so I'm sprucing it up a bit. It's almost done, I think, so hopefully you'll see a cascade of finished designs coming up.

(And some dragon plushies, if that's what you're really here for.)