A new member of the family

A new member of the family

Somewhat ironically, Brother came out with a new embroidery machine so I bought a new Janome.

I've been considering a multi-needle for awhile, but it's been hard to justify: if I'm mostly doing designs, I don't need that much machine. But while I was looking for the price on that one, I happened to look up some comparisons, and the specs on the Janome 550e, larger version of my 400e, looked pretty good. And it was within my budget, so here it is.

It's been more of a learning curve than I expected - everything is the same except that giant hoop, but getting the stabilizer, well, stable, is an entirely new process that I'm still fighting with a bit. But it's big enough to make Happy Planner covers, which has kind of been my minimum requirement. And it's big enough to make dragons twice the size of my original Standing Dragon.

An original dragon plushie next to an unfinished one twice its size.

I don't intend to make just double-size dragons, though - they are simple enough to work in the tiny size, but bigger dragons get more detail. So I've actually spent more time drafting new designs than I have actually using the machine. And naturally I have started doing a dragon that's far, far bigger than the big new hoop. Fingers crossed!

The original dragon plushie ankle-high to a muslin test of a much larger dragon