Back when I switched over to a static blog, I grabbed a Medium-like (literally, "Mediumish") theme, with the plan to morph it into something a little less generic. Instead it morphed into something more generic, as I stripped out various features I didn't use. Like author info - it's just me here.

Anyway, I've been getting ready for a redesign, so I'm redoing the graphics. Last entry's complaints notwithstanding, it is kind of encouraging to see all the designs in one place like this.

Eleven square thumbnails of various embroidery projects

The problem continues to be having too much inspiration. Just trying to write this blog post has gone something like:

  • I guess I could write about the web redesign
  • I should take a screenshot of the thumbnails
  • (gets distracted making more thumbnails)
  • right, blog entry
  • Okay I should link to the previous post
  • (opens browser, which is on an Instagram search)
  • That speech bubble thing would make a fun snap tab
  • (creates snap tab design)
  • Oh right, I was looking for that link
  • (looks at post, remembers velvet dragons)
  • (works on current velvet dragon design awhile)
  • (checks email)
  • Ooh, Lee Valley is discounting their "tree leather" stuff
  • I should do something with that Kraftex I have
  • is Kraftex still around?
  • (gets distracted on JoAnn website)
  • I bet it'd make a good notebook cover
  • maybe I should try keeping my blog schedule on paper again
  • oh, I was writing a blog post, wasn't I!

    I would say all this was the span of about ten minutes but of course it actually ate up about an hour and a half, though at least I mostly have a snap tab design out of it. (Whenever I get around to making it and taking pictures, anyway...)

    Anyway. Ironically, I've been working on a [flying] squirrel design for the July reward, so that's at least on schedule. And I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks, and I'll probably have a talk about ADHD meds. With the ongoing shortage, I've been reluctant to look at restarting them, but I think I might need more than vitamin D and a pocket calendar to stay focused.