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Mon, 01 May 2023

The move is finished... mostly. As per usual, we were terrible at estimating how much time it would take to pack and what our physical stamina was (we're six years older than the last time we did this!), so there's a bunch of left-behind stuff that we need to finish packing. But I've got the beginnings of the sewing area set up, and I think I have located all the important boxes.

I had planned to be in the large undifferentiated space of the basement directing boxes to the pottery area, the sewing area, the fabric storage area, the exercise area, the general-storage area, the "stuff that will go in the garage when it's built" area, and so forth. But because our two trucks came separately, Carl had to stay behind to wait for the second and I just ended up upstairs directing things to "basement." Result: I've had to re-schlep almost every single box a four-man crew schlepped, sorting it into the right area. It's been a good workout, but it's put me behind schedule a little design-wise.

I'm in the space that we originally designated for the pottery wheel and kilns, but after I pointed out that the ductwork is as low as 5'4" and I'm 5'3", it made more sense to put me over here. It was a good decision: our bedroom is in a finished attic and my husband keeps hitting his head on the slope there. The weird housewrap-and-fiberglass will probably come out (no need to insulate this from the rest of the living space) and the joists and whatnot are already painted white - the main ceiling is still only 6'6" or so, but again, I'm short too.

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