Silver Seams

Jointed elephant progress

Mon, 17 Apr 2023

Another deadline missed (probably) - I had kind of expected to need more rest breaks between packing, and also kind of expected to have my work area clearer.

But it's a lot of narrow passages, with my work-table folded up, and just stacks of cardboard boxes as work surfaces. Most of which are covered with things being sorted into boxes, rather than assembling elephants. Getting out even the reduced photography setup is a hassle, which is why the Elephant Charm has a rather visible hair under it in its cover picture and I didn't re-shoot it.

At any rate, since the tier doesn't even exist yet, it's not a hard deadline... I just wanted to have all my elephants out in the same month. I guess this one will end up being a standalone design, with an "if you like this, consider signing up for the Ko-Fi tier" on it.

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