Elephant month

Mon, 10 Apr 2023

We've reached the "living out of moving boxes" stage of the protracted move, but things are coming together: we are trying to get the moving truck scheduled for next week. In the meantime, I'm out here ordering Amazon assortments of joints because I have, brilliantly, chosen to start the jointed-plush tier of my Ko-Fi this month. It'll be fine, I said, I've already made jointed elephants so I'm not developing a new pattern, I said.

Also I've packed up those samples and the joints to make more. And most of the fabrics, so the elephants will be lavender and white which is, fortunately, not actually terrible colors. I ordered an assortment of plastic joints from Amazon 📦, to go with my already-overflowing but already-packed box of cotter-pin joints. It's fine, I actually didn't have a big assortment of sizes.

Anyway, the plan is for elephant charms on Friday, jointed elephants the next week, and flopsy elephants the week after that.

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