Blue shark alert!

Mon, 27 Mar 2023

The blue shark design is fully available now, a bit late.

Ko-fi doesn't have a setting for "this is free for subscribers but you can pay for it if you're not," and I didn't want to have double listings going on, so I just have tier designs available on Gumroad from day 1, and non-subscribers can't buy the designs singly until they come out of free-to-tier status. Technically the blue shark's free status should have expired last Friday, but I tend to get caught up in making sure the new design is available as my primary priority. In fact, I haven't even put the bunny/hamster on Gumroad yet, oops. (It was moving-weekend for the kid. So... tired...)

At any rate, I've rolled the sharks over to the correct status, and you can buy it in either shop (subscribers get a 20% discount in the Ko-Fi one). If you're wanting to make tiny companions for an IKEA BLÅHAJ, I think Shannon's French Blue is a better color than the Teal I used for mine... though I've already packed the Shannon swatch card and I can't tell you for sure.

(So... tired...)

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