Plush Orca In-the-Hoop

Plush Orca In-the-Hoop

Today’s freebie is a tiny, fully three-dimensional plush made entirely in the hoop. I’ve got a whole series of these sorts of 3-D plushies lined up, so this is my trial balloon to see if I can explain it in a way that works for other people, and also how well the technique works on embroidery machines different from mine.

Don’t have an embroidery machine? The cut-and-sew orca is available on Spoonflower, for conventional sewing. You can also use the Inkscape files from the embroidery orca to sew your own. First, print the layers out separately. Then, cut the belly piece in half – use one side on the fold for the underside, and match the other side to the upper-body piece. Don’t forget to add seam allowances. Use Choly Knight’s plush-sewing instructions to apply the markings, and safety eyes of the appropriate size. After that, just use the Spoonflower directions to assemble it.

Three tiny plush orcas

[Plush Orca In-The-Hoop]

This design was released to my dollar-a-month Ko-Fi members last month; today they’re getting early access to the Middle-Zip Pouches – and a discount on the In-The-Hoop Beanbag Dragon design, which is about to drop!

A zippered pouch in iridescent faux leather