Introducing Discourse, and giveaways

Introducing Discourse, and giveaways

I decided I needed a place for discussions of the more complicated embroidery designs - the in-the-hoop plushies like the Orca (this coming Friday's freebie) and the beanie dragons (this coming Friday Sunday's slightly belated pay-for). So I've set up, a Discourse forum.

In addition to having discussion topics, it's also going to take over commenting functions, and because it has mail notifications, it's going to replace the newsletters. The downside: it's a whole separate registration. But to sweeten that, I'm going to hold a couple of drawings from among the Discourse users.

Another shot of the machine, frame, and dragons

The first drawing will be March 4, and the winner will get to choose among the tiny sewing machine I reviewed last week, the SA434-compatible embroidery hoop, a beanie dragon, or (drumroll please) the beanie dragon embroidery design. The second drawing will be April 1, and the winner will get to choose among the remaining items.

I'm still hammering bugs out, so if you try to register or log in or post and it gives you any trouble, please please please send me an email at to let me know.