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Ink/Stitch 2.1.x Sampler

Mon, 17 Jan 2022

The new Ink/Stitch comes with more Lettering options and more importantly for me, better ways to add your own. I have some paid-for alphabets, and some of the ones I’ve posted here in the past don’t meet the licensing requirements for Ink/Stitch to include them by default. (I’m willing to license my stuff any way necessary, but they want the underlying TrueType etc. font to be fully open even if I did not directly use it to produce the embroidery version. It gets complicated.)

Anyway, it’s time to update the Sampler for the new fonts, so here it is. I will eventually update this post with a version showing each font in their smallest option, and each in their largest, but for now this gives a pretty good overview of the relative sizes when you’re looking to fit a certain space:

The glyphs used in each alphabet vary, so I wrote a little Perl script to list them out. For the most part � represents the glyph the alphabet will use for one it doesn’t have (the others will leave them out), but Sacramarif encodes its layer names differently; those are all the usual accented letters, but I’ll have to find a decoder that doesn’t confuse my terminal.

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