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The Herbie bag

Mon, 08 Nov 2021

The red-white-and-blue piece I showed in Friday’s post has become part of a zipper bag, though I’m not 100% thrilled with it. Because it’s such an odd shape, I made a flat-sewn bag, and it feels a little too raw and unfinished to me. But I’m really proud of the embroidery design, and it’ll find its way onto something else at some point.

I cannibalized three different colors of zippers, making sure the red was on top, then somehow managed to put it in upside down (it’s open in this picture), whoops. And left out any loops for the third pouch in a row. And yeah, I didn’t trim the license plate thread tails. ADHD, y’all.

This one has sunflowers inside, for Reasons, but I think I have some banana fabric that’ll get paired with this design at some point.

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