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My embroidery machines are on wifi now

Fri, 27 Aug 2021

It works! I can test-resize one of my little SVG dragons, do a Save As to a PES or JEF right out of Inkscape, turn on my embroidery machine, and it’ll be right there on what the machine believes is its thumb drive. Or for a pre-built design, I can just copy it to a different file folder and the same thing happens. I wrote a tutorial. You can do the same thing for a 3d printer or anything else that takes USB cards, though if you’re doing it with something that uses very large files you’ll have to tweak it a little. Large files/drives need exfat (extended file access tables) which older embroidery machines don’t understand, so that tutorial emulates a 2GB drive for max compatibility.

Somehow my ADHD brain felt like doing that instead of, you know, sewing things to sell was a good use of its time, so I guess there won’t be a shop drop tomorrow – Etsy tends to make a big deal about Labor Day Weekend sales so I should probably hold off for a week anyway. (Update: I inventoried and have a bunch of valet/dice trays that never been listed, so a couple dozen of those will hit the shop tomorrow.)

I’ve been working on the first Adventuring Party, but because I’m bouncing from one doll to another I don’t have anything finished to show off. The tiefling is coming together well; I love his little curly horns and will definitely put some of those on a dragon at some point.

Look at that curl! It’s not quite at the angle it’ll sit on his head when it’s stuffed and sewn together, so the points will turn outward a little more when he’s done.

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