Silver Seams

Golden Pernese dragon

Fri, 18 Jun 2021

I promised I was going to start working on larger dragons (and other things) and indeed I have. One of the Mystery Bundles has arrived at its destination so I can reveal at least one of its contents: a Choly Knight neck dragon with in a Pernese style. It has wired wings and body, and it’s been good practice for the more advanced poseables I have on the drawing board. The three totes each have a large dragon in them, and since no two are alike this isn’t really a spoiler for the remaining two.

The golden egg was a post-Easter acquisition, and has been sitting in my workroom for a year or two now waiting for something that fit. This dragon did… just barely.

It’s mostly a Michael Whelan style dragon, without the giraffe-like headknobs that later appeared in the text, with one alteration: the tailtip splits the difference between the Whelan cover art’s tail-spade and the text’s “forked” description.

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