Freebie Friday: Shoe Charm Snap Tab

Freebie Friday: Shoe Charm Snap Tab

I feel like this is a rerun of Monday because here’s the promised freebie design, and also the mailman just delivered that Whelan tote and dice bag. And I’ve been working on a lot of mystery dragons so I don’t have much to show pictures of, either. Tomorrow’s a shop drop but I also don’t want to show pictures of those until they’re all together – subscribe to the new items notification and you’ll see that collection tonight.

That subscription is in the sidebar, but I’m curious to see how that looks in the RSS/Atom feeds:

(outdated signup removed)

I also accidentally learned that just pasting the URL into WordPress gets a prettier preview than putting it on a button, so here’s the page with the freebie:

Shoe Charm (Jibbitz) Snap Tab