Still in transit, still arriving late

Still in transit, still arriving late

If you keep track of these things (which seems unlikely) you’ll have noticed I missed the Friday blog post; Carl’s mom had a health scare and I bundled him onto a plane. Fortunately it ended up being fine, and he got to have a relative nice Mother’s Day visit. So it was a relatively tiny shop drop, even accounting for the fact that I have a lot of things hanging fire on supplies in transit, but it made for a strange week(end). Including me accidentally scheduling him for a Sunday flight instead of Monday which we didn’t realize until United sent him a cancellation notice when he didn’t show up. Whoops. Anyway, I am still finishing up the second Sun and Moon, Blue Morpho, and second through fourth Rosy Maple, so those will restock shortly.

Apart from never making my quotas, the shop drop schedule is doing pretty well. There’s a fifth Saturday this month, and I think I’m going to declare that one a shop drop for the on-site shop. I’ve got some sno-cone dragons coming up – pink/blue, blue/purple, and purple/pink (or cherry/raspberry, raspberry/grape, grape/cherry if you prefer) and I think they’ll go in that.

The minky that was taking its time to arrive did (including a new dragon color – Shannon calls it “Mauve” but it’s just as bright a purple as Jewel except reddish instead of bluish) but the lace stabilizer has gone to the dreaded “In Transit, Arriving Late” status.

Yeah, it doesn’t make the news as much but That Guy is still in charge of the post office, and is still trashing it.

At any rate, I’ve been making a few little wing bits from scraps, while I learn the new Inkscape and Ink/Stitch. And as usual, finding more projects to do than I have time for. This week’s schedule is all full of fancy-wing plush dragons and all the major projects have been pushed out to next week… as keeps happening. I gotta work on that.