The new Ink/Stitch is here!

Of course, it requires Inkscape 1.0 and I’ve been on 0.92 because there’s been a bug for months that keeps the AppImage from running on Debian, the ppa they list for Ubuntu does not get along with Debian, and I categorically refuse to install another package manager so I’m not trying the Flatpak version (though I’m told it does work) so instead I compiled it from scratch like it was 2004. At least Ink/Stitch was simple, just the usual unpack-into-directory install.

I’m excited about the new Ink/Stitch features but first I have to re-learn Inkscape, they’ve changed all the icons on me. But to celebrate(?) I’ve started going through the older designs and updating them. I didn’t used to layer the SVG files, and I used to use filled circles to designate snap placement because Ink/Stitch didn’t render them. That’s not a new change with 2.0, so it’s past time to fix that. I’ve started with the Marvelous Star, which already had its own page in the dropdown, but I’m also going to be adding pages for the ones that didn’t have their own.

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