Silver Seams

An unexpected problem

Wed, 14 Apr 2021

Not the inadequate size of the light box (hello, corners!); that’s an ongoing issue. And not the inability to take a good picture for a change – these things are *very* camera-friendly. And not that these were cheap knockoffs; they’re properly licensed and in fact I was directed to them by the artist. No, the problem is that despite being inexpensive enough to use as Etsy freebies, the mouse mats are not thin and flimsy. Which means they weigh nearly five ounces each. Which means they’ll add more to the postage than they cost in the first place.

Whoops. They sure are pretty though.

I got some non-Whelan ones since not all my sales are of Pernese-colored ones (though you don’t need to be a Pern fan to appreciate Whelan’s covers),

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