Silver Seams

The return of the Love Dragon

Mon, 01 Feb 2021

Last year, I finished what ended up being the last of the velvet art dragons: the one that’s alternated between “Love Dragon” and “Dragonheart” in my informal naming scheme. It is a wholly ridiculous beast, because fuchsia is a wholly ridiculous color, and my Etsy customer base clearly agreed and… didn’t buy it.

In their defense, it had a homely face. Because I needed to get it done in time for the Valentine’s Day market, I went with a head I had already tried, for more betta dragons. And it was definitely a fish head, even with a heart-shaped ruff added.

The new head is one I had fiddled around with for fire lizards, built around the chessboard cut “lemon” crystals at Potomac Bead (or from Swarovski, but Potomac had colors more suitable for Pernese dragons). I think the eyes are a little too large for that size, but I didn’t want to go any larger for the existing dragon.

It is definitely a one-of-a-kind; I am entirely unlikely to make any more of what I can’t stop thinking of as the Pink Squirrel Dragon. And certainly no more dragons with hearts all over them. But maybe someone needs an extremely memorable engagement ring delivery vehicle? I got you.

Not sure what else I’m going to do with this fuchsia upholstery velvet, though.

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