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Wed, 09 Dec 2020

The last big drop of new shop items for the year has happened, with this motley crew of mochi dragons. I have a couple of minky colors to restock in my giant stack of almost-finished dragons, and I’ll try to honor any special requests (such as non-baby mochi dragons). Plus I have two velvet dragons to finish, a Cirquell dragon to finish – I’m not putting my feet up. But I think the Christmas rush is done?

Now I β€œjust” have to clean up the workroom. I put the big Shannon Cuddle 3 swatch book somewhere safe, which is code around this house for β€œI accidentally hid it from myself.” But as soon as I get things straightened up and run across it, I’m going to match up the mochi colors I have (11 of 23 base colors) with the minky swatches and publish some pictures from the light box.

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