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Mon, 19 Oct 2020

… when you are behind on your to-do list is to add more big projects, right? (Well, it is for me.) In any event, I can’t stop collecting shiny cottons. So I finally went ahead and sprang for the CirquellCuriosities dragon pattern, which is more suitable for non-stretchy fabrics than any of my current patterns. And lo! it is good for using up the velvets that don’t work for the smaller art-doll dragons. So I’m testing it out on the one I call corncob velvet.

It’s a little bit larger than the minky dragons. It takes almost a yard of the main fabric, so it’ll use up fabric quickly. Well, “quickly” – there are eighty-some pieces and a lot of it involves hand-sewing. I’m currently setting in the claws on the first foot and it’s… not fast.

The prospect of getting to do a SHINY SPARKLY dragon is a good incentive to keep going, though.

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