Silver Seams

Box of dragons

Wed, 03 Jun 2020

A light box, that is. Still playing around with the light box and camera settings. Despite the size of the thing (I got the 24×24) a horizontal picture of this many dragons captures the sides of the box. And that’s even when shooting 4×3.

While technically probably for now my Etsy shop is exempt from their crazy new 12-15% additional fees*, I’m reluctant to price big-ticket items without factoring that in. So while the 2019 art dragons are on sale, the Love Dragon isn’t. It will have a lower price on the shop here once I get the entry made though – and okay, technically the WELCOMEBACK10 discount readers get means you can still buy it on Etsy with a sale equivalent… for now.

* if you haven’t heard, Etsy is charging a new and LARGE advertising fee. It’s complicated.

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