Embroidered Jayhawk face freebie

Mon, 15 Apr 2019

This design has been updated and added to the embroidery file library: Jayhawk

My sister’s husband and in-laws are bigtime University of Kansas fans, so when I needed a little something for my brother-in-law’s Easter basket it was a good excuse to digitize a Jayhawk. The more usual full-body side-view ‘Hawk is a bit complicated for a quick design, but the minimalistic face view fit the, uh, bill.

Embroidered Kansas Jayhawk mascot logo

The nickname for a Kansan is a “Jayhawker,” for not-entirely-clear reasons, and so the mascot for the university is the imaginary “jayhawk” bird.

It’s a pretty simple stitchout.

Embroidered Kansas Jayhawk mascot face on a piece of felt

After I embroidered the face, I:

Presto, a handy little snap tray.

The design in the file is just the face, not the surrounding square. This particular tray is 7-1/2″ when opened flat, so it wouldn’t have fit even on my 5×7″ hoop. It’s all plain straight stitching, so not too challenging (provided you have a conventional machine, at least).

The KAMsnaps folks have a pretty good roundup of snap tray tutorials including some no-sew versions if you want more detail on turning this (or any similar design) into a snap tray.

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